20 years work condensed into 232 seconds

20 years work condensed into 232 seconds!

Thank you to the fabulously creative people at Social Enterprise LiveWire especially Matt Black and Seb Hartzell.  With their help (and some red wine) I’ve managed to sum up 20 years of work and 200 pages of hard wrought research and writing into 3 mins and 52 seconds!  The video that they’ve created, in what must have been very challenging light and sound conditions, is superb.

Check out their work and my ruminations on http://bit.ly/QFYiyU for a very useful video with simple but very effective graphics.

But of course if you want to read about the experience and the research that informs the campaign you will need to read the book!  You can buy it at a special #socent discount from this site http://authr.me/cXG