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Dear Supporter,

I hope that this newsletter finds you all well- and cool or dry, depending on which part of the country you’re reading this from!

Shall we talk about being 'Summer Ready'? What this means is really anyone's guess but if you’re a parent of a school aged child it might mean there is an expectation that you down tools, take a break, lock your phone in a safe place and not think about work at all for a few weeks.
Sadly, and as much as our kids may wish it to be different, when you're an entrepreneur there really isn't such a thing as a holiday.

Whilst you may not be able to totally shut up shop it is important that you do take some time for yourself and your family. Even the smallest break can make a massive difference to your energy levels and overall family happiness.

When it comes to trying to keep the kids happy whilst you're working- well, this may not always be possible BUT always remind yourself- and them why you're doing all this.
For a bit of support and advice, In this month’s GROW newsletter we’ve written all about the ‘juggle’ of running a business as a parent.

It’s been busy times at Tree Shepherd HQ with respect to the Peckham Business Forum- it’s really taking shape. Are you following us on Instagram yet? Or tiktok? If not then why not join us so that we can share all the latest good news and updates as they happen- there is such a lot going on over the coming months and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

We’ve been venturing out of South London up to Kings Cross where we will be sprinkling some of our Tree Shepherd magic over the coming months. We’ll be sure to give you all the details as the project develops but suffice it to say that we are so excited at the prospect of helping even more people in the greater London area reach their potential.

That’s all for now, please take care and stay cool.

All the best,

Sandra and the Tree Shepherd team

Welcome to the world of budgeting!

Now we’re sure that the idea of crunching numbers and ‘budgeting’ may not seem like the most exciting aspect of running a business,the truth is that a well-crafted water tight budget is the backbone of financial success.
Welcome to the world of budgeting!

Tell your (brand) story

Tell your (brand) story
The starting point of any good marketing plan is storytelling. Your business's journey is your story - so find it and then share share share it with the wider world !