Vision & Mission

Our vision is of a world where everybody has the self-belief, the tools and networks to actively participate in their local economy.

Our Mission

We believe that with trust and patience everyone can take a positive role in their community.

Our mission is to create employment and transform deprived areas into thriving communities through bringing the talents of local people and local enterprises into collaborative networks.

We achieve this through a dynamic combination of enterprise training, business support and practical help delivered with empathy and commitment.

How do we do this?

  • We work with partners including local authorities, housing associations, developers, social enterprises and organisations, trainers, mentors and local and national businesses.
  • We create informative and comprehensive Start Your Own Enterprise training courses to help individuals fulfil their dreams of starting their own business.
  • We provide one to one business mentoring and business support working through the business plan and helping achieve goals.
  • We provide work and maker space to new enterprises at affordable rates.