Are you in love with your job?

February, Valentines, Love is in the air. You know the score. Well here’s something that may not have occurred to you- your business is a relationship of sorts-it requires attention, nurturing and commitment- and chances are you spend more time ‘with it’ than with your partner if you have one! So it’s reasonable to ask yourself, do I love it? Is this the ‘one’ or should I try and find a way out….

Research suggests that many of us are disconnected, frustrated, and lack motivation in our careers. Considering how much time the average person spends working during their lifetime (over 3500 days!!more if it’s your OWN business!!!) making sure that dedicating so much of your time is worth it is important.

There’s loads of reasons to love the business that you already have and maybe a few that could cause you to question staying….. Totally normal, but before you make any rash decisions, we’re going to play ‘cupid’ and suggest a few things to consider if you’re asking yourself “should I stay or should I go”

  • The most obvious reason for staying is because it’s yours. Try and remember all the GOOD things about what you’re doing, why you started and how far you’ve come. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day to day boringness or stress and occasionally fall prey to the old saying that “the grass is greener”… Well it isn’t.  Different roles, different sets of problems! Step back, take a break and really take stock. Would you be happier or better off in the long term, or is this just a fleeting phase? Act in haste, repent at leisure (another oldie but a goody!)

  • Being your own boss is as hard as it is rewarding. The buck stops with you, it’s a 24/7 gig and if you have employees then you’ll feel responsible for their lives too. It’s tough BUT if you’re having doubts try and remember what drew you to start your enterprise in the first place, search out the small but meaningful things that can help to reignite that spark and look back on all that you have created and celebrate those wins. Enjoying every day isn’t a reality and it’s important to keep that in mind but if you are seriously questioning the commitment that you’ve made why not book in to speak with one of our mentors to see if they may be able to help you rediscover what you may believe is gone for good.

  • Doing what you love (and let’s assume that your gig is what you love)  can help you feel more fulfilled in life, and that is a great and valuable thing. Often, we don’t  feel fulfilled in life and our career  because we’re dissatisfied with doing something we don’t want to do. A poll conducted by Gallup shows that a whopping  85% of us feel disengaged with our jobs. Presumably you started your enterprise because it is what you feel deeply about and believe in. Again, it’s normal to occasionally feel doubt or consider outside options. Our advice again is to try and reconnect with all the positives but also, identify the things that cause you concern and address them,  allowing you to get back that loving feeling!

  • If you’re questioning what you’re doing then talk about it. We all benefit from talking to others and that’s just what networking is in a sense. Networking with like minded people can help you to figure out what may be missing or help you to see some of the wonderful aspects of your business that you may be too close to see for yourself. Networking is a brilliant way to not only gain valuable support from people who understand what you are going through but importantly, networking has the potential to help  build connections that could help and inspire you to grow!  We’ve just hosted a workshop on the super power that is networking. We will be running it again in the future, why not reach out to be notified about dates so you don’t miss out on this amazing- and free!!! opportunity.

Just like with a traditional relationship it’s normal to have off days, question your choices and to consider your options but chances are you rediscover that spark that drew you to them in the first place and with it the joy and happiness that you once felt.  If you’re questioning your choices or maybe considering self employment then we’re here to help! Why not book in with one of our coaches, your career cupid!