Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss

Tree Shepherd has opened up registration for its next Start Your Own Enterprise Course, with support from the Walcot Foundation, it is a totally FREE course that gives individuals access to training, business advice, and networking opportunities. If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own enterprise or becoming self-employed this could be just the thing for you- and It’s not too late to register for the sessions- you can do so here.

During the 6 week course students will cover topics such as pitching business strategies, receiving feedback, learning all about cash flow and pricing and how to get your business out there and seen. Start Your Own Enterprise is for anyone aged 18-30, living in Lambeth who is either unemployed, on a zero hours contract or on a low wage who seeks to develop a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful enterprise. 

We spoke to lere Fisher, Lead Facilitator from BUD Leaders, about what individuals can expect to gain by attending the course- 

Over the 6 weeks we focus on changing the mindset of the cohort, we give them the confidence to not only believe in themselves but to then go forward and achieve something that they may have only thought was a pipedream” said Lere.

During previous courses, self belief and motivation is a topic we spend a lot of time exploring. It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something, but when we share, explore and helpfully critique, we can use thai to help build a viable business. We recognise that these are areas that our students have historically needed – they have brilliant ideas but when they don’t always know how to turn that idea into a plan and action, they can lose faith in their vision.” 

Lere added, “As with all the courses that we run, we begin each session with a motivational video. These are really popular and help the cohort to find their own source of inspiration.”

Lere has high hopes for all of the attendees of Tree Shepherd /BUD courses – by taking the step to register and attend is a success in itself. During the course the team will  create new skills, networks and – most importantly – a solid foundation on which to build their business. 

We are pleased to announce that the course will be held at POP Brixton, a temporary but incredibly valuable local project delivered in partnership between Pop Brixton and Lambeth Council. In line with our goal of helping and working with people in our local communities, engaging with enterprises such as POP Brixton not only adds value to our project but also supports a local asset- something that we are sure you will all agree is a win-win!

If you wish to attend the Start Your Own Enterprise  course, please register here. If you can’t attend this time don’t worry, we run courses, classes and mentoring sessions year-round to help you on your journey to self-employment. If you’d like to find out more about the services and support that Tree Shepherd offers, you can contact us here. Alternatively, have a look at our website which is full of useful resources and is updated regularly to include all upcoming events and courses.