BeamBlock Yoga in Brixton

When? Every Saturday What time? 10am – 11am. Where? Corpus Christi Hall, Trent Rd, London SW2 5BJ. How much? £13 per class. Level: Beginner. How to book:

What to expect?

BeamBlock challenges flexibility and balance more than a yoga mat or any other piece of yoga floor equipment. It does this whilst providing support and guidance during exercises and reducing the risk of injury. BeamBlock is at the heart of the BeamBlock Yoga workout and requires the user to move seamlessly around BeamBlock while connecting body and mind. A truly transformative personal experience that will change the way you see a yoga class.

What are the benefits of BeamBlock Yoga?

When the mind and body becomes accustomed to any activity, including yoga, progress often slows down and reaches a plateau. BeamBlock yoga provides unique ways to improve flexibility, stability and strength that traditional floor-based yoga can’t offer.

What is the difference between using BeamBlock compared to doing yoga on the floor?

BeamBlock’s elevated platform provides more opportunities to challenge your flexibility and balance regardless of your level of fitness. BeamBlock may also be used to provide support and modifications for those who are new to yoga.

How is the BeamBlock yoga method different from traditional yoga using blocks?

Traditional yoga blocks provide useful assistance in achieving some yoga postures, however, BeamBlock Yoga stimulates the body’s proprioceptors significantly. By improving proprioception, participants can gain better balance skills that maintain stability; hone their agility and coordination skills for improved performance and reduction of injury risk.

What makes BeamBlock Yoga different from other styles of yoga? 

It is the only style of yoga in the world to use BeamBlock.

Who is BeamBlock yoga for?

BeamBlock yoga is for everybody. There are classes to accommodate beginners to advanced; young and old; performance athletes and recreational participants.

Founder: Yoga instructor Thierry Giunta is the inventor and founder of BeamBlock. French born, but living in the UK since 1997, Thierry has over 15 years’ experience teaching yoga nationally and internationally. Thierry was headhunted to be the personal trainer of Madonna’s personal trainer. The BeamBlock concept began to pick up pace last year when Founder Thierry appeared on Dragon’s Den and impressed the ‘Dragons’ with is forward-thinking approach to flexibility training.

When? Every Saturday. 10am – 11am.

Where? Corpus Christi Hall, Trent Rd, London SW2 5BJ.

Price: £13 per class.

How to book:

Inquiries: or call 07766018731

Class starts promptly at 10 o’clock and lasts 45 minutes. BeamBlocks and yoga mats provided. Changing facilities available.

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