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The Tree Shepherd Surgery – where businesses get the help they need.

Robyn at Archie Mac Designs

Robyn at Archie Mac Designs

Every Friday, Tree Shepherd opens its doors to local businesses to share, discuss and hopefully resolve any problems they are experiencing or provide some direction that will enable them to grow. The surgery is open to all businesses, whether just starting-up or well established and is free to Lambeth based businesses.

Colin Crooks, our founder, says “Our philosophy at Tree Shepherd is to support and encourage energy and good ideas but to also challenge the entrepreneur to make sure all the important things are covered. I regularly find that businesses don’t have a clear enough idea of where they want to go and they need that sense of direction in order to work out how to fix the current problem.”

Two people who would agree that the surgeries really helped them to develop their thinking are;

Robyn Parker, founder of ArchieMac London textile designs who felt her session had really helped her “I found my meeting with Colin to be extremely beneficial. It was a great opportunity to meet someone who knows so much about business and getting positive feedback was a massive boost to my confidence. We discussed issues I would never have considered and I left with lots of things to contemplate but extremely excited and motivated.”

Streetscape Team

Streetscape Team

and James Gubb, CEO, Streetscape who said “The recent business surgery session I had with Colin was incredibly useful. He is a brilliant listener and asks all the right questions: the ones that really get you thinking about what you are trying to achieve, how you are going about it, how you can improve and – most importantly – start to look at things in new and exciting ways to maximise the potential of the social enterprise model. I’ll be coming back!!” The surgeries are just one part of the Tree Shepherd model.  We believe that sharing problems and solutions with people who are on the same journey plays a crucial role in developing entrepreneurship and so we’ve set up the Forest Enterprise Network. This is a mutually supportive business network where entrepreneurs brush up their business knowledge, share information and promote themselves and others.

And of course money is critical.  We work in partnership with government backed start-up-loan companies and can assist entrepreneurs with getting that vital loan to help them get started.

The surgery is free for Lambeth businesses. For those not in Lambeth, there is an hourly rate payable.

To find out more or to book a surgery appointment , please call 020 3697 1540 or email