C L E A N !

I am a single parent living in London, working in a highly stressful environment; I find grabbing myself easily accessible food to suit this demanding lifestyle a chore. After some time it got the better of me and I became very ill, I had to stop!
I travelled to Australia to recuperate. (A year later) Completely recovered I returned to London and with new eyes was shocked to see how many local people were living as I once had: not understanding the long term effects this would have on their health, and well being.
Fast forward 3 months; I am passionate and determined to make a change in the local community’s eating habits and am now delivering convenient freshly prepared, flavourful and filling vegetarian food to office workers, school children, working families and ANYONE within a one mile radius of Brixton.
So why not make a small change today and feed yourself C L E A N !
Who knew being healthy could be so tasty.

Wendy Ramsay

07712 111237
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