Calling all social impact entrepreneurs

FSC believe in business and its power to do good for its employees, customers, and its community. They want to use the capabilities of their members, frameworks and tools to have a positive impact on their community, hence why they set up their Impact Fund. FSC awards social entrepreneurs £2000 in Impact Credits to spend on any of their partners or team at low-bono rates – no strings attached.

Impact Credits can be spent on FSC exec partners to get business planning help, on designers to get help with your brand, on animators to create a ‘How it Works’ video, on strategists to help create your Launch Strategy, or any other specific need using any of the amazing FSC members across Service Design, UX, Filmography, Research, Content, Business Modelling etc.

The credits are designed to support businesses that make a difference, therefore social impact must be built into the core values and aims of the operating model. The FSC team is open to hearing from businesses in all sectors.

There’s no lengthy sign-up process, lead times are short, and if they like your idea then the first stage would just be an informal chat in their office. Follow the link below to apply and see what the FSC are all about.