Can you be a business mentor?

At Tree Shepherd, we offer one-to-one support to individuals and businesses in our local South London communities, helping them to establish and grow their own business enterprises. 

Our mentoring services include assisting businesses affected by regeneration, providing modern workspaces for local up-and-coming companies, and hosting training and events for those looking to start their own business venture. Our training and mentoring programmes provide a broad range of services to those hoping to flourish as entrepreneurs, with mentors who offer a wealth of experience across all aspects of entrepreneurship. 

But what exactly is a mentor for, and what do they do? 

The early days of a new business can be frightening, not only are you learning to run your own business, you may also have to learn a whole new set of skills related to business ownership. This is where a mentor comes into play. A successful mentor possesses strong communication and listening skills and will act as a role model, adviser, critic and consultant. Their role is to guide the mentee through the ups and downs they will inevitably face when pursuing a new career.

As successful business people, mentors understand the challenges faced as a business owner or leader. By providing an all important impartial view, mentors encourage you to look at your business or organisation with a fresh perspective. Sometimes, that’s all that is needed to identify opportunities for growth. In fact, mentored businesses and organisations report many benefits, including increases in turnover, productivity and employee numbers as a result of working with a mentor. 

While being a mentor above all else provides encouragement and advice to the mentee, there are plenty of benefits to be had in being a mentor. Mentoring can give you the opportunity to reflect on your own career or business, thereby helping you to work on your own professional development at the same time. It’s also a great opportunity to improve communication and organisational skills, build your own self-confidence and could even provide some great business networking opportunities. 

If you’d like to be a mentor, or feel that your business could benefit from the expert advice provided by one of our Tree Shepherd Mentors then please get in touch on ….

So, what do our mentors have to say? 

“I found helping small business owners realise their dreams incredibly rewarding, and often all it takes is not business expertise, but a good deal of trust and encouragement. Being a business mentor is a rich and powerful experience at the human level which I would recommend to anyone seeking some meaning and purpose-driven experience.” 

Lorenzo Todorow

“I decided to become a volunteer mentor after more than 20 years as an owner/director of small and growing businesses. Many people offered me both informal and formal advice as I developed my own business and skills, and I wanted to do something similar for others. I have found being a mentor with Tree Shepherd very varied and rewarding.” 

Graham Laylee