Can You Love the One You Have?

Valentines Day

February, Valentines, Love is in the air. A question on a lot of minds recently is, do you love your job, and what you do? There has been an influx discussions about work-life balance and changes such as a four-day working week and the efficiency created by working-from-home, lately. According to The Independent, British people work for over three thousand days during their lives, so deciding what to do as a career is not easy.

Some of the most popular philosophers and thinkers throughout history have discussed the idea of doing a job you love. However, modern research and thinkers suggest that much of the world’s population are disconnected, frustrated, and lack motivation in their careers. So, the question on everyone’s lips is: is it possible to do what you love as a career? Or should you just try to love the career you have?

Why Love the One You Have?

There are a multitude of reasons to love the job or career you already have. The most obvious fact is it’s easy. Changing your career is no simple task, and often takes a long time to re-train and apply for jobs in careers you have no experience in. Having no experience often means starting in entry-level positions, which can mean taking a pay cut if you’ve already been working your way up the ladder in a different field.

Also, sticking with the career you have can help you nurture your current network of relationships. It can be difficult establishing new relationships and connections in a completely different industry, especially if you are starting in an entry-level position. Staying in your current career and learning to love it can help you nurture your current network. These are connections with people that can be very useful, and you might even gain contacts that will help you transition into a new career in the future!

Loving Every Day

So, why should you do what you love as a career? There could be a number of reasons why you would want to do what you love. It can help you feel more fulfilled in life. Often, the reason a person doesn’t feel fulfilled in life and their career is because they’re dissatisfied with doing something they don’t want to do. A poll conducted by Gallup shows that 85% of people feel disengaged with their career.

Also, if you’re doing what you want to do, you tend to be more productive. It makes sense, if you want to do the work you’re doing, you’ll do more of it.

One of the key career paths many people choose when deciding to do what they love is to become an entrepreneur. Many people do this because they want to bring a dream to fruition, to make a difference, and because they get to choose who they work with! Being an entrepreneur means you get to work on your passion, while also creating and running a company the way that you think it should be run. You could make it work-from-home only, or implement a four-day work week, the choice is yours. Then you really are in control of a life you can love.