Carers 4 Carers

A charity group set up in Lambeth to offer care services for those who themselves care for their disabled, sick and elderly loved ones.

Carers4Carers was set up by and is run by Carers and ex Carers. We want to use our skills and experience of caring to support other Carers.

We met with Carers across Lambeth spending between 1 and 3 hours with each Carer to find out more about their lives and what services they would like. There were clear messages that Carers wanted to get out more, meet other Carers and participate in social group activities that enhanced wellbeing.

A number of Carers told us they had given up work to care and wanted to find work and volunteering opportunities that fitted in with their caring role. We loved meeting everyone and were so touched and inspired by the stories they shared with us; we developed a range of programmes for Carers called Inspirational …

Inspirational Together: Carers said, “We don’t do anything that’s just for fun, everything in our lives is about surviving”. We have organised trips and family picnic for Carers and the people they care for which will take place during the Easter and summer breaks as well as Carers Week.

Inspirational Us: Carers told us “I’m always tired”, “I feel stressed”, “There’s never time just for me”, “and I’d love a massage”. This is a pampering program held at Brixton Recreation Centre on Fridays during term time 10am – 3pm, in partnership with Uni-Chi Holistic Therapies with a range of therapies including chair massage, reflexology, manicures, pedicures, facials, reiki, meditation and yoga is on offer.

Inspirational Champions: Carers want to “use my experiences of caring to help other Carers”, “I want to use my skills again”. Carers who would like to Do the things you enjoy the most, Increase your confidence, Build a support network, Help other Carers, Gain work experience, are welcome to join Inspirational Champion to achieve their goals.  Bobbie: 07956 872365 Paula: 07976 829614

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