Art & design services

Patton Designs & Workshops
Catherine Patton sells vintage clothing, accessories & homeware. Following a period working in various museums, she has a particular style that draws on and interprets classic historical influences. She is also trained in jewellery making and is a skilled seamstress producing beautifully styled jewellery, bags, lampshades and upcycled items made...
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109 Ceramics
After thirteen years of working with clay Fawzia Sajedi-Shaker is beginning to understand its nature and to speak its language. As a ceramicist she is constantly looking for new and interesting ways of using the clay. When making something she always takes into consideration the shape the form and if...
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Slim of London
Designer Nick Slim runs two businesses under one trading name: Slim of London. He has many years experience as a graphic designer, working for clients producing logos, graphic art and designing publicity and marketing material. He has also developed his own range of designer merchandise including T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags,...
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