Colin to give evidence at Salford Cooperative City Commission

Tree Shepherd CEO Colin Crooks has been invited to give evidence at a city commission hearing on 23rd April 2013 assessing the ways in which cooperative approaches can help in ensuring everyone in Salford has the skills they need for creative, meaningful and rewarding work. The Salford Cooperative City Commission was set up by the City Mayor in August 2012, and the 23rd April hearing will focus on the issue of skills. Colin Crooks to speak at Salford City Commission

The Commission has decided to focus initially on three key issues:
(1) every household in Salford should have the opportunity to lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon emissions;
(2) everyone living in Salford should have the skills they need for creative, meaningful and rewarding work; and
(3) every family in Salford living with a long-term health condition should have maximum control to manage these conditions in partnership with health and social care professionals.

Colin will be there to share his experiences and views, and we will be sure to report back afterwards, so watch this space.

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