For jewellery-maker Sophia Samra, Crystaliving is not just jewellery, it is a medicine for the soul. She works with part-recycled copper and other natural materials to intensify and activate the metaphysical, aesthetic and healing properties that each crystal holds.

For Sophia, crystals are healing and they hold a certain vibrational resonance. She draws from this deep source when making her simple jewellery.

Crystals work on a psychological, physical and spiritual level – a primal mineral form that lies deep within the earth providing nourishment and under-pinning. Plants take up these qualities in their roots, as do creatures and human beings.

The Crystaliving jewellery, the headbands, necklaces, rings and bracelets, all adorn the wearer and provide spiritual strength. Sophia wishes joy, wellbeing and divine healing to all.

Call: 07743 293795

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