Employ 1 young person – get 2 happy parents – FREE

Employ 1 young person – get 2 happy parents – FREE

As published by FM World by Colin Crooks

I don’t know about you but I seem to be at that stage in life where I know a lot of people with children either just leaving school or just leaving university.  I met a couple the other day and their story was almost a carbon copy of so many I’ve heard recently.  They were worried – really worried.  After really pushing their boy to work hard and put that extra bit of effort in to get the best grade possible in his exams he’d done really well.  But even with all that effort he just can’t find a job.  A couple of his mates had got placements as interns via their parents but he was being left behind as they had no such contacts.  So now he’s questioning his parents’ wisdom and ability and getting increasingly lethargic and disengaged.  It sounded so frustrating and so painful.

And then the news came on the other day: 991,000 young people unemployed.  I thought of my friends and tried to imagine nearly a million homes filled with simmering resentment, frustration and worry.  So what to do?  One way, of course, is to contract with suppliers who provide training and apprenticeships.   But I think the FM sector could go further than that.  Firstly, we know that there is constant time pressure to cover the basics let alone all the new issues that keep coming your way.  Secondly, we know that a well run FM team connects with so many other business disciplines such as HR, accounting, environment, engineering, IT, procurement etc and we know that FM is a great way to meet people in other parts of the business (if only to receive yet another complaint about the aircon!).  Well, in my experience in training and employing young people I’ve found that they respond well to challenge.  I also know that, in the main, they are not sure what they actually want to do and don’t understand what most jobs entail.  Take these factors together and I think that FM firms and even in-house FMs could develop their own training or intern programme that could really make a difference.  They could employ 1 young person surely?  Of course there’ll be barriers but FMs overcome barriers every day.  And just think; for every young person you can help you relieve 2 parents from worry – 3 for the price of one!  How many times can you say that!?

By Colin Crooks


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