Employ Yourself course – 2022!

Employ yourself

Students of this year’s Employ Yourself have now graduated. Tree Shepherd delivered in partnership with the Paddington Development Trust free advice and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, providing those individuals with the necessary tools to take their first steps as business owners, as well as the skills to keep up the good work well into their business ventures.

From pitching business strategies and receiving feedback, to learning about cash flow and pricing, Employ Yourself is for anyone of any background who seeks to develop a better understanding of what it takes to run a successful enterprise.

We spoke to lere Fisher, Lead Facilitator from Bud Leaders, about this year’s cohort and some of his personal highlights of the course.

“We had a great intake this year, and they soon took accountability in forming close-knit bonds with each other, setting up a WhatsApp group where they shared information and helped encourage one another.” said Lere.

“Motivation, and understanding the importance of it – and harnessing it were hot topics.” added Lere. “Whilst initially they asked for each session to start with a motivational video, they understood the value and need to have their own source of inspiration.”

“The way that the cohort bonded and supported each other was a really special thing to witness” for Lere, the group were excellent at being each other’s cheerleaders and supporting one another when one felt less confident. One of the most magical moments during the course for him was when each delegate was invited one-by-one into the centre of the circle whilst everyone gave one word that positively described that individual. “Seeing them support and build each other was a joy.”

Lere has high hopes for the graduates of Employ Yourself, he believes the team created great memories, new friendships, new networks and – most importantly – a new way to view their new business. “I’ve no doubt that they will move forward not only with amazing memories and friendships but importantly a clear vision with respect to their business.”

The latest cohort has now graduated, and with the tools provided they’re now starting their next steps. Over the next few months we will be keeping in touch and tracking the progress of Cherelle who took part in this years’ programme. We’ll be documenting her journey in the world of entrepreneurialism, and we can’t wait to see how she grows her businesses and uses the knowledge and support given to her by our expert trainers and mentors at Tree Shepherd.

For more information about this year’s event, plus any other upcoming courses hosted by Tree Shepherd, check out more of our events.