Face Masks & Costume Design For Theatre by Make It Studio

Martina Sgoifo Face Mask & Tote Bag DesignerMartina Sgoifo is a costume designer who wanted to pass on to others the pride and independence she gained through the work that she does by empowering women so that they could work flexibly from home and so, Make It Studio was born. But, with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the path has veered to take on so many other challenges, bringing a community together to contribute to a greater cause.

Martina’s journey began when she went to a show with a friend, Emanuela Pagliei, one of the founders of Neon Performing Arts, and was asked what she thought of the costumes. 


Knowing Martina’s skills, Emanuela asked her if she would consider  doing the costumes for the next show. This was the catalyst for Martina to set up Make It Studio. Being creative, working flexibly to make costumes, made her feel proud and she wanted to create similar opportunities for others. After a start-up course with Tree Shepherd, building her confidence from a business perspective she launched this remarkable project.

Ethical Fashion

Make It Studio creates a platform where women who are unemployed, that are full of resource and creativity, can work together, sew together and share childcare. It’s a social thing. Martina runs workshops to teach the basic skills and techniques and the ladies work remotely making fashionable, ethical tote bags and pouches.

The Make It Studio network creates tote bags which are ethically made from recycled material. Martina does all of the cutting, providing kits to make up, enabling her to control the quality of the material used.  She believes in conscious fashion that is durable and endures.

With the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic her and her team of volunteers turned their efforts to making hundreds of high quality cotton and linen face masks that can be used by NHS staff, care home nurses and staff and any key workers that need them. 

social media.have focused more recently on making facemask for the NHS and those that work with the vulnerable, and beautifully crafted and patterned masks for sale to raise funds.

Face Mask Designs for Adults & Children

The face masks, made in collaboration with and to support Dr Lamis Latif’s project through the social media account @coronavirusfrontline to protect every key worker, have four layers of protection. Martina wanted to create something valuable at a time of need. The face masks are washable and Make It Studio have been working non-stop to make as many as they can. A new shape face mask, based on Japanese couture designs for sale is set to be launched.

People Sharing Make It Studio

Where can I buy tote bags and face masks from Make It Studio?

You can contact Martina directly by emailing Martinika71@gmail.com or contacting her on 07455 017750

If you’re a maker inspired by Martina’s story you can find out more about Thrive on the website https://treeshepherd.org.uk/thrive/


See more of our work on Social

Our main Instagram page shows a range of our products, works in progress and some of our makers journeys. Click here to visit our main Instagram page. Alternativley we have Instagram pages set up for emergency orders for COVID face masks, our studio and a personal Twitter account for Martina, please like, share, follow and comment and get in touch if you would like to make a purchase.




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