February 2022 Newsletter


February has flown by – aided I suppose by it being a shorter month!

We’ve had a really productive month, reaching a milestone in the development of the Peckham Business Forum – we had our first meeting with a group of 12 visionary and action focused independent business owners who are extremely proud of the businesses they have created.  With our sights firmly rooted on the benefits of a collective voice for the growth of small business on Rye lane, the group explored the challenges, the actions needed and the role of a business forum, with a live illustrator capturing the key messages from the session

In addition to the benefits of networking, one of the key takeaways was how important it is for business owners to have access to people they can talk to and to have a space to bounce off ideas. I’m pleased to say Tree Shepherd’s Business Mentors who are invaluable to what we do are working with businesses to do exactly this. They are keen, great listeners and come with a wealth of experience.

A special thank you to the businesses who attended the workshop and to Amy Crudgington, a student from Mountview who was enormously helpful in organising.

I’m also really excited to share with you that we also launched two programmes we are working on with the Walcott Foundation –

  • Employ Yourself short course where we will work with individuals to develop their  ideas, and business plans.  We’ll bring together a  group of likeminded people and offer support via expert business mentors and trainers who understand what it takes to work for yourself. If you’d like to join, please register your interest here.
  • Start Your Own Enterprise for unemployed young people aged 18-30 who live in Lambeth. We want to offer our support to those who dream of starting a business of their own.  We’ll offer access to training, business advice, and networking opportunities to get them on the road to growing their business idea. If you’d like to join, please register your interest here.

Finally and if that hasn’t been enough, we saw the release of the Blagrave Trust report on Youth Employment. The report itself  made for somber reading but importantly there were some very encouraging findings, especially with regards to the resilience and strength of young people. It has made all of us at Tree Shepherd even more determined to provide our services and support our young people to reach their very real potential.

As ever, if you’re looking for support, business space or want to share your ideas – please get in touch.

Swipe Right or Left with your career

February is the month of love so could there be a better time to think about loving what you do as a career? Maybe you’re wondering, is it possible to do what you love as a career or should I ‘settle’ and just try to love the career I have?
If you’re thinking ‘should I swipe right or left?’ on your career, then we’ve put together some things you should consider that highlight the importance of loving your job.

You can find it here.

Work/Life Balance

Carrying on with the theme of love, why not show yourself some love, and make sure that you have your work life and social life in balance.

If you feel like your scales might be tipped a little too far on the work side of things, we’ve put together a few tips to get things on an even keel again, you can read more here.