Guardian competition for best job creator

Guardian competition for best job creator

I believe that many areas of the UK suffer from endemic unemployment that remains virtually untouched by whatever happens in the economy.  Such areas are really challenging to operate in and most SMEs prefer to invest elsewhere (only 13% of them start up in the most deprived areas).  As I sat down to write my book, my experience told me that social enterprises are far more likely to set up in such areas and that they seemed to employ more people that similar sized SMEs.  It was gratifying to find that SE UKs independent research (Fightback Britain 2011) confirmed both these observations.

So what is the reason for this difference and why are social enterprises better at creating jobs where they are most needed?

To help answer this question I am teaming up with the Guardian Social Enterprise Network to find the best social enterprise job creator.  The top prize is a feature length article on your enterprise on the networks’ website based on an interview with me on what you do, why you do it and how well its worked.  Second prize is an opportunity to get a  blog published on the network.  Oh yes and each of the best 5 entrants will get a free copy of my book – lucky people!  I will also undertake to list all the entrants on this site (what have let myself in for!?) By definition we know you are very busy  so we’ve kept the requirements to a bare minimum all you need to do to enter the competition is nominate a social enterprise in100 words on what it’s doing to help the unemployed. then email Joe Jervis at the Guardian.  Don’t forget to give us their name, contact details and post-code.  Self nomination is perfectly fine – in fact I expect it!

Of course every entry bolsters the argument for social enterprise and will add to my campaign to make social enterprise central to the debate about job creation and tackling deprivation.

I can’t wait to review all your entries, good luck!