Holistic Mentoring

holistic mentoring

If you’re looking to set up and run a business, it’s important to reflect not just on your business plan but think holistically about all aspects of you.

Holistic mentoring takes into account the whole of ‘you’ – your thoughts, beliefs, ambitions and values – as a successful business is one that champions and fulfills you. A happy business owner is a fruitful one.

We recognise the value of holistic mentoring, which is why we have introduced holistic business coaching at Tree Shepherd.

Tiffany McLean, one of our Tree Shepherd Business coaches, has described holistic mentoring as “an opportunity for the client to explore challenges they are having not only in their business but in their personal life too”.

The consideration of not only the business but the person allows for an environment that facilitates growth through a truly balanced style of mentoring.

Tiffany adds, “Our personal circumstances can play a huge part in how well we perform in our business, it impacts how we run it and more important how we grow it”.

By understanding and addressing the unique and individual issues that our clients face day to day, our coaches are able to address their issues and help them to put into place strategies to overcome them – or at least manage them – and in turn helping them to boost the quality of their work.

Josie, one of our clients who runs a lifestyle and wellbeing business in Peckham’s Rye Lane says,

“Meeting with Tiffany was amazing! I was able to really process all my thoughts. She really helped me with a clear vision and helped me to create a manageable to-do list! I feel so much lighter, less stressed and inspired. Since our meeting, I have already achieved two things on that list, and have clarity on what I want going forward. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times and meetings and support like this make such a massive difference.”

If you would like to book in for a holistic mentoring session, please contact us at info@treeshepherd.org.uk.

Also check out Josie’s website at www.being-lifesctyle.co.uk

We also have numerous courses thought out the year, contact us to find out more.