Honey Bee and Tea

Hamid Sajedi-Shaker imports fine raw honeys and teas that originate from around the world. He is keen for the Middle-Eastern traditions of drinking pure tea sweetened only by nature’s honey to be preserved and celebrated.

Honey, also called “liquid gold”, is one of the oldest foods in existence and one of Mother Nature’s best. In addition to its high nutritional value, its therapeutic qualities have been much vaunted and valued over the centuries. All Honey Bee and Tea raw honeys are unblended, filled as gently as possible and stored properly (cool and dark). The honeys are tested regularly especially with regard to pureness and the demanding requirements concerning quality honey.

Tea is traditionally brewed and drunk as an iconic social beverage. It needs time to brew and is hence enjoyed at its fullest when you are relaxed and have plenty of time. It is enjoyed with breakfast and after dinner and most importantly at tea time. Every tea has its own particular characteristic and benefits. Tea leaf grading is crucial to its taste, colours and hence benefits. Tea is best drunk in a glass cup so the colour of the tea can be observed and fully enjoyed.

Tea and honey connoisseurs will appreciate the comprehensive range of high quality products on offer. To see the range go to:


Hamid: 07540 566992 sajedishaker@hotmail.com

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