How to Make a Million Jobs – the tour continues

Colin Crooks - How to Make a Million JobsThere’s no sign of a let-up in the ‘How to Make a Million Jobs’ book tour! The book has received glowing reviews and its author, Colin Crooks, has been speaking to enthusiastic audiences up and down the country since the book was published last September.

Here are a few snippets from reviews of the book:

Colin has crafted a compelling argument for a radical change in our approach to tackling long term worklessness.”

Reading Colin’s new book has been inspiring.”

This book honestly turned all my previous thinking about unemployment on its head.”

Colin Crooks has truly gone to the coal face and found a very precious gem.”

Colin has been a social entrepreneur for many years and these events are a chance for him to share his experiences of the negative impact worklessness has on those unfortunate enough to find themselves unemployed for a long stretch of time, and the positive impact work has on those same people when it finally comes along.How to Make a Million Jobs

Colin will be speaking as a guest of Save The Children this Thursday, 4th April, and he will be giving a masterclass at University of East Anglia’s London branch on 15th April. Guest speaker invitations are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to get in touch at if you would like Colin to speak at your event!

And if you haven’t read the book yet, it is available to buy on Amazon.