International Women’s Day: 3 ways that you could be supporting women in business every day.

Each year in March since the inception of International Women’s Day the media gets behind the cause and for a few short days or weeks celebrates women and their accomplishments and contributions -and that’s great- but it needs to be happening every day, every week, every month and all year round. IWD isn’t Christmas.

To back this up, we’ve pulled together 3 of the simplest ways that we can all easily support female entrepreneurs and in turn help them to achieve or sustain their business goals:

  • Networking

This is a favourite one of ours, in fact we just ran a super successful workshop sharing the magic of networking and plan to do so again in the future because frankly, networking is the gold standard. When female entrepreneurs come together networks are formed and knowledge is shared. Networking has the amazing power to create new business partnerships, collaborations and alliances between like-minded individuals who can offer advice, connections, and most importantly support.

Starting and running a business can be overwhelming at times, but having a support system can make the journey easier. We each have so much to offer each other just from our lived experiences. If your past mistakes or successes can help other women avoid similar mistakes or provide them with a great idea, then you’ve made a positive impact – and with not a whole lot of effort.

One really simple way to share your business experience and network with other women is to get involved with associations that empower or support women in your industry or in general – The Peckham Business Forum is a great example!

  •   Buy from female founders

This is your chance to directly help female business owners not only survive but to THRIVE.

Shopping at female owned companies helps to create jobs in communities and then goes on to help address employment inequality.

Did you know that female entrepreneurs are more likely to invest back into their families and community? This means that each successful enterprise owned by a woman has the potential to be a success on a much wider and impactful scale.

Women form the backbone not only of our families but also our communities and they deserve our recognition and our support.

 By spending in a small female owned business you’re not only helping them, you’re contributing to the growth of your community, its causes, and beliefs.

In their own way every female entrepreneur of today is creating a better tomorrow for everyone.

  • Celebrate one another’s successes

Social media is a massive part of a lot of people’s businesses. Supporting women through social media is easy, free and works – have you ever been tempted or bought something that you’ve seen recommended on socials??? We bet you have! People love to hear from other real people and your simple share has the potential to not only drive sales and build communities.

But wait, there’s even more that you can do with regards to celebrating female founders.

What about reaching out in person? Person-to-person connection is invaluable – we all love to hear that something we’ve done or made is liked.It’s common knowledge that running or starting a business can be a huge challenge, it’s all too easy to doubt one’s abilities or not have the self belief to face those challenges. This isn’t unusual but we have within us the power to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

There’s no denying it, ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’- but there’s still room to give them a helping hand. When we all support each other we all benefit. Together women are unstoppable – and by supporting one another we have the power to change the world.