Is a new career (self-employment) your resolution?

Following the pandemic, there has been a freelance revolution. According to Statistica, there were 4.3m self-employed workers in the UK, with numbers expected to rise as people favour flexibility over a 9-5. 

For many, self-employment (or a side-hustle) can run alongside a PAYE job; and at Tree Shepherd we meet a number of centre-users doing just this, either as a way to top-up their income or as a route to completely transform their career. 

Whatever the reason, we’d like you to consider these five things: 

  1. If you’re working on a side-hustle, make sure you check your company’s policy! Your contract may forbid you from accepting freelance work in the same industry. 
  2. The Juggle. Being your own boss means also setting your own boundaries – what are your bottom lines, when are you going to work (remember, all the time is not the answer!) and what is the goal. Write these down, and revisit them quarterly! 
  3. Stick to the plan and stick to your niche! Saying no is often the hardest thing to do but it can be empowering, help improve your confidence and grow more sustainably. 
  4. How are you going to promote yourself? You are your business… do you need a website? A dedicated email address? A space? Social media? Remember, whilst doing this you aren’t being paid, so be smart!
  5. Register as self-employed, and keep the registration and paperwork. Whether you’re freelancing on the side or full time, you need to sign-up to let the government know. Keep a record of incomings and expenses for your tax-return.

If you’re considering freelancing or hoping to set up your own side hustle then get in touch with Tree Shepherd on  020 3948 3020 or email:  for more information