July 2022 Newsletter


Well July has certainly seen things heating up – and not only with respect to the weather.

These are certainly challenging times, and especially so for small independent traders, or those who are only just about to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. That is why we feel even more strongly about the services we provide and what we are able to achieve at Tree Shepherd. The guidance and advice that we impart through our courses act as tools to build resilience and sustainability. Skills that are even more important now than ever.

There may be change and upheaval within our government, but we can assure you that things remain busy, but smooth and steady at Tree Shepherd. This month we’ve:

  • Received the first draft of the Legal Toolkit which is a partnership between Qlegal and Tree Shepherd
  • We’ve also hosted a market in Surrey Quays
  • And a pop-up shop in Brixton

Over on our social media channels, we launched our 10-part series where we address some of the crucial – but often overlooked- elements to starting a business. Our hope is that these weekly posts may give some insight into the things that anyone who is considering launching their own enterprise should think about. The feedback has been really positive, please do have a look if you haven’t seen them yet, and of course share them with anyone who may find them useful.

This brings me nicely to our courses; registration is open for Start Your Own enterprise which starts on July 27th at POP Brixton. We’ve written a short article this month detailing what anyone who attends stands to gain.

Meet Cherrelle Salmon

After the success of Employ Yourself and the exceptional standard of the cohort, we decided that it would be a good idea to share the stories and journeys of some of our course attendees. They work so hard and have such inspiring talent and drive, that we really want to sing their praises- and possibly encourage others to come along to a future course to start their own journey towards self-employment. Our first case study is Cherrelle, and this month we learn more about her, her background and how the Employ Yourself course prepared her for taking the next steps towards self-employment.

Start Your Own Enterprise

One of our not to be missed courses for young entrepreneurs in the Lambeth area, Start Your Own Enterprise.  This article gives anyone considering registering an idea of what they can expect to gain by attending and you can read the full article here.

Qlegal Queen Mary University Legal Toolkit

We’ve had the handover of the prototype legal toolkit from the wonderful student from Qlegal / Queen Mary University. The standard exceeded all of our expectations, they really listened to the legal concerns that our clients had and took on board their suggestions and in turn created a really helpful resource for our clients today and to come. The students have done such an amazing job and we look very much forward to receiving the final resource in September – watch this space.

Market at Surrey Quays

We held our second market at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. This event had a dual purpose – first, was of course to showcase some of the wonderful independent traders – @noturaveragejoee and Love Everyday – that form part of our Tree Shepherd family and second, it gave our recent graduates from the Employ Yourself course an opportunity to do some valuable market research. They were able to speak to the public about their business ideas which of course helps them to fine tune their business plan.

In addition, we were also joined on the day by Cherrelle- our case study / EY graduate, but in her professional capacity. She used the event as an opportunity to not only engage with the public but also to practice her trade photographing the event itself. The photographs that she took were beyond what we could have wished for- in fact we have asked her to become our official Tree Shepherd photographer!

Pop-up Shop in Brixton

We held our second pop-up shop in Brixton Village from 4th-15th July 2022. The traders were overjoyed with the space. The way they pulled it all together with the help of Magdalen from the Tree Shepherd team was nothing short of inspiring.

I’d like to take this opportunity to not only thank @makeitstudioslondon @imazinaturals  @y_kairos @uappymeappyludi @dflicorish and @heart_in_the_art_workshops for taking part but also for all their hard work and dedication to this event, it was a success in every sense of the word.

We are already busy planning future pop-ups. If you’d like to take part in one please get in touch!