LEAP’s Summer Partnership with Tree Shepherd

lEAP summer partnership with tree shepherd

Over the summer Tree Shepherd partnered with LEAP in a very successful Ludi Board Workshop for young people aged 18-30. One of the aims of the course was to essentially tap into the entrepreneurial skills that young people have and expose them to new ideas about what it takes to run a business and make money.

We are really pleased that we have had a chance to catch up with LEAP’s CEO Gabin Sinclair-Constance to learn more about their ambition, vision and working with Tree Shepherd.

Thank you Gabin for taking some time to speak with us. Could you start by telling us a bit about LEAP and the work that you do-

LEAP started in 1987, and was originally a programme where young unemployed people gained an understanding of conflict in their lives through music and drama.

It is a very natural and accessible way to help individuals to develop the tools and confidence necessary to make better choices when faced with that conflict.

Our goal today remains the same today, although some of our methods have changed and adapted with the times.

Managing conflict is at the heart of what you do, can you talk a bit about that?

We quickly realised that conflict can take many shapes for our young people, of course with grave consequences via peer to peer violence.

It’s natural that young people experience peer pressure and conflict at some point. This can arise through ‘friendship groups’, social media or through wanting to gain a sense of belonging and/or achieve status and respect.

What we aim to do is provide young people the tools to manage conflict before it escalates. We help the young people to recognise situations and use the skills that we share with them to navigate conflict in a safe way, whether it comes from within their peer groups, parents and authority.

What type of support does LEAP offer?

Our programmes support young people to manage conflict, we do this in a variety of ways, but the commonality – games and role play.

Games are a powerful way of exploring situations and it gives us a safe place to explore stress points, triggers and management tools.

In addition we offer self-reflective group work, one to one support outside the training, mentoring and peer facilitation – all of which are delivered by our experienced team of trainers. Through our training, we provide the tools to foster healthy relationships, make positive decisions and inspire self-growth.

LEAP has recently partnered with Tree Shepherd in delivering what was a really popular Ludi board making course, can you tell us a bit about that?

Firstly what a course this has been! The workshop revolve around individuals making their own Ludi Boards – these tie in perfectly with one of our core teaching strategies of learning through game playing.

Not only did all of those who took part learn some valuable conflict management skills they also learned some valuable life skills – carpentry, design, mathematics and painting – all of course under the guidance of GLOWS Member Master Ludi Board entrepreneur Ottey Winston.

We can’t thank Winston enough for his participation in this course, his skills, enthusiasm and genuine interest in what we are trying to achieve at LEAP mean that we can’t wait to work with him – and Tree Shepherd again.

You can find out more about LEAP here or if you would like to find out more about the Ludi board workshop and any future events we will be running contact us here.