March 2022 Newsletter


Happy International Women’s Month! Whilst we don’t need a month to celebrate it – as it’s an all year celebration here – it was great to take stock of the talent in our team but also in the Tree Shepherd family, of which there are countless.

A huge shout out to the wonderful women of Tree Shepherd, and a special thanks to –

Rhian, our business development officer, who works with small independent business owners because she truly believes they are the major drivers of the UK economy. Every day Rhian supports underrepresented groups of people in our community on their journey to success. She works across Tree Shepherd’s key projects and training courses as well as supporting me to grow our organisation.

Jamie-Lee, our Tree Shepherd Workspace Coordinator, who supports both existing and new members of Thrive. As a South-Londoner she’s proud of her community and passion for bringing neighbourhoods together and supporting them to achieve their goals.

Last but certainly not least is the powerhouse that is Magdalena, our GLOWS Workspace Supervisor, who promotes and manages the space at GLOWS in Tulse Hill.

So, there are still spaces left on the programmes we are working on with the Walcott Foundation:

  • Employ Yourself short course where we will work with individuals to develop their  ideas, and business plans. We’ll bring together a group of likeminded people and offer support via expert business mentors and trainers who understand what it takes to work for yourself. If you’d like to join, please register your interest here.
  • Start Your Own Enterprise for unemployed young people aged 18-30 who live in Lambeth. We want to offer our support to those who dream of starting a business of their own.  We’ll offer access to training, business advice, and networking opportunities to get them on the road to growing their business idea. If you’d like to join, please register your interest here.

As ever, if you’re looking for support, business space or want to share your ideas – please get in touch.

Business Mentor

We explored the issues that women continue to have accessing finance in our blog

Female Entrepreneurs and Access to Cash.

What we discovered was interesting but certainly not surprising in that despite the progress over the last few decades in encouraging and welcoming women into leadership roles, barriers continue to disadvantage female entrepreneurs when compared to their male counterparts.

Take a read and share with friends.

Women carving out their space in the workforce has possibly been one of the most significant changes to the economy in the world over the last century and in 2022 women in business are happily there are only continuing to #thrive. At Tree Shepherd, we pride ourselves on helping women and men equally, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, to get that extra support they need. Check out our blog to learn more.

Peckham Business Forum:

The evening of Wednesday 24th February was a milestone in the development of the Peckham Business Forum – we held our first workshop at the Mountview Academy of Theatre and it was a massive success.

One of the key take-aways was how important it is for business owners to have access to people they can talk to and to have a space to bounce off ideas. Tree Shepherd’s Business Mentors who are invaluable to what we do are working with businesses to do exactly this and are keen, great listeners and have a wealth of experience. Our next meeting is planned for Thursday April 7th and you can register to attend here.