Marketing on a shoestring

Marketing a  business can be a challenge for any entrepreneur / business owner. It may not be something that you’re familiar with, it might not come naturally to you, or it could feel like a bit of a waste of time and money. Think about this though,  if customers don’t know you exist how can they buy from you?

In a blog a few months back we introduced you to the importance of telling your brand story and how it can benefit your business (read it here). This week we’re going to talk about how you can effectively market your enterprise- but on a small to non-existent budget!

When you’re just starting your budget might be quite small but something is better than nothing! Whilst a lot of the traditional marketing methods may be beyond your budget it’s important to remember that success isn’t always directly linked to the amount of cash.

The most important thing is that wherever you are doing that it is as effective as possible.

Let’s have a look at a few of the free ways that you can market your business and reach all those lovely potential customers-

Promote your business on social media and create your community

Social media is a great way to find and engage with potential customers and posts are free to create and can reach a large audience.

To build your base you could run competitions to incentivise your followers by offering them a discount if they like and share. One really important thing to keep in mind is that SOCIAL media is just that. It’s about socialising. Engage with your followers, don’t expect them to do all the work!

Remember, positive word of mouth can work wonders,

Write a blog

People love stories. They also love communities. Build your brand by sharing your story. Share that story via your social channels and watch your community grow.

Build an email mailing list

An active email mailing list can save a fortune in marketing spend in the long term.

Provide incentives to encourage customers to sign up for email newsletters by offering discounts and special offers via regular emails. Make sure you get their permission to send them marketing.

There are loads of mail services which are free to use when getting started, with costs only kicking in once your email mailing list hits a certain size.

Get your business listed in local or trade directories

Make sure your business is listed in as many directories as possible.

It’s worth investigating joining industry memberships, especially those that include member directories that customers can use to find services.

Are you based in the Peckham area? If so, joining the Peckham Business Forum Is a great way of not only networking but using the collective power of a large group of like minded businesses to benefit the wider group.


Networking is a great way to meet aspiring and existing business owners .

Networking can help you get business advice by talking to like-minded individuals, and it’s also a chance to pitch your business to potential customers.

Again, if you’re in the Peckham area the Peckham Business Forum is a warm and welcoming group of folks who are always happy to see new members join in on the fun!

To recap, the purpose of marketing is to reach your target audience and communicate the benefits of your product or service — so you can successfully acquire, keep, and grow customers. It may be time consuming but we think that you’ll agree that it would be time well spent if the outcome was more sales. We hope that by trying out some of the free ways that we’ve suggested you’ll start to see a steady increase not only in customers, but also connections, ones that will help you take your business to the next level.

For help with marketing or any other business related issues Tree Shepherd have you covered. Reach out to us via social media or email