Mentoring – it’s a win for both sides

Did you know that at Tree Shepherd we offer one-to-one mentoring to individuals and businesses to establish and grow their own enterprises? If you did, have you ever considered being a mentor yourself?

Mentoring is rewarding on so many levels – and for both parties. Mentees gain valuable advice, insight and support whilst those who mentor develop their own skills by sharing them, grow their network and get the satisfaction from helping others who are on their own journey.

Maybe you’ve never considered mentoring, or felt that it wasn’t appropriate for you or your business – well we’re here to tell you that there are very few people who couldn’t benefit from some level of mentoring.

But what exactly is a mentor for, and what do they do? 

The early days of a new business can be frightening, not only are you learning to run your own business, you may also have to learn a whole new set of skills related to the world of running your own business from accounts to HR, marketing to procurement. This is where a mentor comes into play. A successful mentor possesses strong communication and listening skills. You act as a role model, adviser, critic and consultant.

As successful business people, mentors understand the challenges faced as a business owner or leader. By providing an all important impartial view, mentors encourage you to look at your business or organisation with a fresh perspective. Sometimes, that’s all that is needed to identify opportunities for growth. In fact, mentored businesses and organisations report many benefits, including increases in turnover, productivity and employee numbers.

While being a mentor above all else provides encouragement and advice to the mentee, there are plenty of benefits to be had in being a mentor.

Mentoring can give you the opportunity to reflect on your own career or business, thereby helping you to work on your own professional development at the same time. It’s also a great opportunity to improve communication and organisational skills, build your own self-confidence and could even provide some great business networking opportunities.

At Tree Shepherd we firmly believe that our training and mentoring programmes provide a broad range of support to those hoping to flourish as entrepreneurs. We are so proud of our mentors who offer a wealth of experience across all aspects of entrepreneurship all delivered with genuine enthusiasm and dedication.

If this sounds good to you – either being a mentor or mentee then reach out to us at to have a chat and discuss how mentoring can benefit you.