Young entrepreneurs and their achievements certainly do grab the headlines, and this can mean that we often forget or disregard the potential and successes of ‘older’ entrepreneurs. Despite what the media portrays, you may actually be surprised to know that older entrepreneurs – or ‘olderpreneurs’ are in fact one of the fastest growing and most successful groups of those registering as self-employed.

Of course to us at Tree Shepherd we are very familiar with the superstars these folks are as we work with them daily, so we know first hand just how truly amazing and inspirational older entrepreneurs are.

We all know that with age comes wisdom, but it also brings so many of the skills that are necessary-and transferable to running your own business.

Let’s have a quick look at our top 3 advantages to starting a business later in life-

You’ve got the experience

Numerous years in employment or caring for children / family members can help an older entrepreneur accumulate a wealth of knowledge and a broad skill set for their business.

Life experiences bring immeasurable advantages and skills such as communication, teamwork, self-discipline, problem-solving, and adaptability can all be vital to ensuring the success of a business.

Perspective and confidence

Age and experience mean exposure to both the highs and the lows. Having had success is undoubtedly an asset, but it’s the things that may not have gone so well that teach us the most.

These wins and losses can help with a greater degree of resilience, higher levels of confidence, and deeper capabilities in dealing with setbacks.

Less primary-care responsibilities

The older you get the  less likely you are to have young children, or are past the stage of school pick-up commitments and childcare costs. This frees up both time and money to invest in a new business venture.

Having grown-up children can also be of help to olderpreneurs, what could be better than getting your children to help you – a wonderful ‘thank-you’ for all you’ve done for them over the years!

Being older certainly doesn’t mean that it’s too late or that you’re ‘past it’, quite the contrary, but it’s ok or even normal to have doubts or reservations. No matter your age or experience, there is always the opportunity to acquire more knowledge, and we’re here for that.

At Tree Shepherd we have a whole host of tools that can help you no matter what your age or stage in the self employment game. Remember, navigating the world of entrepreneurship is more manageable with guidance and support and that’s just what we’re here to do.

It all begins with that first step, and Tree Shepherd is here to help you take it confidently. Visit our website and explore our informative blogs covering just about everything you can imagine when it comes to entrepreneurship or why not connect with our business mentors today. You have everything to gain!