Phone a Friend: Befriending Project

At Thrive Workspace we are here to support start-up businesses and community organisations.  Last week we were privileged to meet a group of amazing young people who are volunteering their time to support other young people facing difficulties during these challenging times.   The befriending project run by Reach Dem UK aims to deliver support to young people to help them prevent or reduce social isolation and build up appropriate social networks.   The group received their training certificates and were able to explore how to listen in a non-judgmental way, to encourage people to seek help and how to look after their own wellbeing whilst acting as a befriender

Rebekah Stuart aged 22 said “We learnt about others, in different scenarios and also understanding we can’t do this all by ourselves.  We were able to establish and learn more about boundaries and communications”

Curtis Etuk aged 18 felt the training he received was very interesting and helped him to be equipped with knowledge on how to be part of a support system for young people.

At Tree Shepherd we think it’s so important to get involved and its brilliant to see the enthusiasm and commitment these young people have.  We will be continuing to work with Reach Dem UK to help and encourage young people to make a positive contribution to the community in which they live.


Befriending Team

Rebkah Stewart – Aged 22

Curtis Etuk – Aged 18  ( will be starting an internship at Gills & Partners and Insurance Company)

Meilssa Gentles – Aged 17

Abu Bacarr – Aged 18 ( ambitions to be an actor)

Alisha Pryce -Aged 18

Adam Stewart – Aged 18