Radio 4 listener sets up new project – InkPots Writing Workshops

Never under-estimate the power of Radio! I recently received an email out of the blue from somebody I’ve never met about my broadcast on Radio 4 last year. Gill heard me speaking, and decided to put into action a project she had been thinking about for some time. Here’s an extract from that email:


Dear Colin

We have obviously never met – but I just wanted to let you know that you have helped inspire me to set up a new business! (I have never done anything like this before – and have been meaning to send you a note for some months, never got round to it, but I’m holed up because of the snow!)

I heard your piece some months back on Radio 4 – and it really resonated with me. There was something about the examples you gave and the passion with which you spoke that made me put into action a plan that had been at the back of my mind for some years.

….I’ve had in mind running some kind of writing group for kids where writing is cool. But never did anything about it – although I had experience of helping out in a local primary school, which showed me that my idea could work.

I’ll cut out a rather long story about how I got there – but a few weeks ago my new project – InkPots Writing Workshops – started. I have started with going in to a school where I run two workshops – 16 children and seven of them are boys and two have SEN. I am just delighted; I have big plans and will develop them steadily.

So, a huge thank you – someone was listening very early that Sunday morning!



Really great to hear from you Gill, and I’m glad you were listening that day! Best of luck with InkPots Writing Workshops.

If you want to hear that piece on Radio 4, click here.

Gill is doing some great work with children who’ve really struggled with reading. Hers is a great example of someone who is prepared to take risks to demonstrate they have a better answer – truly entrepreneurial! If you want to know more about Gill’s work, we’ll be happy to put you in touch!