Reflections on Co-Forum 2013

Co-Forum 2013 - helping people through social enterpriseLast month, Tree Shepherd CEO Colin Crooks attended Co-Forum 2013, a residential conference providing a unique chance for Credit Unions and Co-operatives in Wales to gather together and discuss their future plans. The event was sponsored by Co-operatives UK, the Co-operative Group and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, with support from the Wales Co-operative Centre.Co-Forum 2013 - debating social enterprise and job creation

The conference bills itself as “a conversation, not a lecture” and one recurring theme which cropped up in that conversation was the way a partnership between a credit union and a community co-operative, often financed by a Community Share Issue, can spark community regeneration.Co-Forum 2013 - seizing the opportunity

Colin led a workshop which discussed links between community regeneration and job creation, drawing on his many years of experience of founding and running social enterprises and presenting some of the findings from his book, How to Make a Million Jobs. The talk was very well received and led to an intense discussion about how Colin’s entrepreneurial ideas could be implemented.