Reviews from the How to Make a Million Jobs tour

I have received lots of encouraging feedback from people along the way on my How to Make a Million Jobs book tour. Here are reviews of a couple of talks I gave last year. 

Colin Crooks presented his plans for a million social enterprise jobs in a fringe at the Green Party conference in Bristol in September 2012 alongside Molly Scott-Cato (Green Party Economics Spokesperson) and George Barda (representing Occupy LSX).

What hit home to me was Colin’s candid accounts of the real-life impact of worklessness on the confidence and wellbeing of individuals. And the transforming power of valuable new employment. I was shocked to hear about the true level of underlying worklessness, with 6.4 million people looking for some or more work in the UK, the low level of literacy and numeracy skills within our working population, and the stories of how work can transform not just individuals but all those in their lives.

I was left at the end of the workshop grateful for Colin’s ability to engage all of those present with revealing human stories as well as the can-do-attitude of someone who puts their hope in people into action on a daily basis.

 Jonathan Essex

Green House Think Tank and BioRegional


It was standing room only for Colin’s Million Jobs talk at Lupton Fawcett in Leeds.  Unemployment is one of those social issues that people quite rightly care about a lot.  It’s also one where there appears to be a lot of talk, and no end of initiatives.  So we were keen to hear from Colin, particularly because of his many years of experience running social enterprises that have helped people into decent paid work.

Did we sort out Leeds unemployment there and then?  Of course we didn’t.  But there was plenty of good discussion on the back of Colin’s talk – and some good ideas to explore further.

Rob Greenland

Social Business Brokers

Many thanks to Jonathan and Rob for your comments.

If you would like to invite Colin to give a talk near you, please contact Tree Shepherd here.