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Zoe Scott, Director
SOW London

“Something Other’s Want”
It’s about me
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A ground-breaking fashion brand built on strong ethics and sustainability. For the consumer with discernment and the tribal warrior spirit within.

SOW London was formed in 2018 and combines Zoe’s talents and skills for creating unique fashion, alongside her beautiful handmade greeting cards and gifts range. Zoe initially started out her career in fashion, with a passion for bold and unique design. As her family grew, she redirected her creative skills to focus on bespoke textured greeting cards and handmade gifts including custom-made African print towel sets, beautifully bound notebooks, as well as socks, bags, hats, mugs, hair clips, purses, necklaces and bracelets. With the formation of SOW London, Zoe offers a variety of services.


  • Clothes: Looking for a unique outfit for a special occasion? Or a new favourite item to wear each day? Check out Zoe’s designs on her website and social media channels.
  • Wardrobe Cleanse: Is your wardrobe overflowing yet you have nothing to wear? Get rid of old clothes efficiently and sustainably with Zoe and get to understand your personal style better.
  • Personal Styling: Are you stuck in a rut with your wardrobe and wanting to feel good about what you wear? Zoe offers personal one-to-one styling sessions, offering you the chance to overhaul your style and feel positive in your fashion choices.


Cards & Gifts

  • Cards: Zoe’s handmade textured cards are unique and are fashion inspired. Perfect for all special occasions, using paint, fabric, stitching and applique art. Her work is inspired by African and Caribbean culture and imagery, with old sayings and lines from traditional folk tales.
  • Gifts: Looking for something unique for a friend? Zoe’s custom-made African print towel sets, beautifully bound notebooks, socks, bags, hats, mugs, hair clips, purses, necklaces or bracelets could be the answer!




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Any questions or enquiries about Zoe’s work, Zoe will be delighted to hear from you.

Zoe Scott, Director of SOW London
Location: Lambeth