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Susan Hartmann Ltd 

Occupational Therapy and Life Coaching for adults and children

Generating Meaningfulness, Abundance and Joy 

Susan is an occupational therapist and life coach with 10 years’ experience, based in South East London, specialising in mental health and paediatrics.

Free 20- minute phone consultation

Susan offers all clients an initial free 20- minute phone consultation where you can find out how you could benefit from therapy sessions. All therapy sessions are currently held on a video conference platform due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Is this for you?

Q: Are you struggling with stress, conflicts at home or work, exhaustion, relationship issues, eating disorders, addiction or just generally finding life hard?
A: Susan offers a safe space to explore and work through your difficulties in order to move forward and find a more joyful, fulfilling, and rich way to live life. 

Q: Do you have personal and/or professional goals that simply seem impossible to achieve?
A: Life Coaching is a thought-provoking process that empowers you to reach your personal and professional goals and maximise your potential.

Q: Does your child struggle with morning rituals, dressing, writing, playing, homework or sitting still at school?
A: Whether it is a sensory problem, a problem with fine or gross motor skills, planning or concentrating, it can have a snowball effect on future development stages of your child. Give your child a chance to master life and become the best version of him- or herself.

Susan’s experience

  • Registered with the BAOT – British Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Worked for the Priory on their esteemed addiction programme
  • Worked with the Deputy Medical Director, South London & Maudsley Trust (SLAM)
  • Worked in paediatric teams of private practices 
  • Lecturer for Occupational Therapy at the Hogeschool Zuyd (The Netherlands) and Academy of Health Professions Wuppertal (Germany)


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