Tell your (brand) story

The starting point of any good marketing plan is storytelling. Your business’s journey is your story – so find it and then share share share it with the wider world !

Marketing through ‘storytelling’ is an excellent way of not only generating sales but importantly it helps you to build a community – the folks that are there to support your enterprise through purchases but also, and importantly these are the people who can help your enterprise grow through recommendations and sharing.

1. Build you community

Your business’s community is made up of people that relate to your story and like your product.

The goal of starting a community is ‘to make people feel connected to your business’. To thrive rather than just survive you need people to support you, but that goes beyond simply purchasing from you, it also extends to things like liking and sharing your social posts.

To really grow your community in an authentic and sustainable way you need a goal, and that goal should be to make content that makes people feel something – make them laugh, inspire them or educate them.

Whatever is most appropriate or comfortable to you and your enterprise. Make your message more than just about selling and you’re on the road to community building.

This might feel a bit new to you and hey that’s ok. We all have to start somewhere! To help you out we’ve pulled together a few tips and prompts to help you get going-

2. Create your content pillars

To engage with your community, you’ll need to establish your content pillars and make content that attracts like-minded people.

Think of a content pillar as the structure of your content. Take aspects of your business and build on and around them. An example would be, if you sell handmade jewelry you could base your posts on the design process and steps, sourcing the materials, the finished items themselves and of course your community and inspiration.

This is just an example, and your pillars can change as time goes on but recognizing and using pillars can really help you to add purpose and structure to your social plan- just like pillars in a building they give you something to build on!

3. Be creative with your content

This is your chance to shine, to really capture the imagination of your community and build that long lasting relationship.

Don’t be shy! Be you – with all the bells and whistles

  • Talk about your specific industry and what makes you stand out from your competitors – this is your education pillar
  • Show your product – talk about how you’ve sourced it or made if applicable – this is an inform pillar!
  • Share about YOU – this is your chance to build connections that go beyond just being a vendor / customer. When people get to know you they feel more deeply connected to your business and therefore more likely to share. Behind the scenes content and updates on new stockists are good places to start.
  • Always be authentic – people know when you’re trying to fool them so let people get to know the REAL you rather than ‘curated’ content.
  • Entertain your followers – one of the main reasons people use social media is to be entertained. Finding imaginative and authentic ways to entertain your audience is a great way to build and sustain your community. This is your ‘entertain’ pillar.

The goal of telling your brand story is to connect with your audience so they understand more about your business than just what you sell. For the greatest success, think about ways you could explain how and why you started your business in a compelling way and then how your customer can ‘join’ you as your journey continues.

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