The importance of diversity and inclusion

The importance of diversity and inclusion

Businesses flourish when they represent every kind of individual. This is a practice everyone needs to work on not only for the betterment of one’s business but for the way one can approach the world.

With this in mind, all the team here at Tree Shepherd have recently attended diversity and inclusion training and wanted to share with you some of the things that we gained from the session – things that you too can consider and implement into your own day to day business and personal interactions.


Responsibility, Empathy, Safety, Patience, Enthusiasm, Connectivity and Thoughtfulness: keywords/concepts that can help us all to create and support a more diverse workplace-and society.

Through implementing this notion of respect we are able to treat individuals the way we would like to be treated and  in a way that maintains respect around our differences yet cohesion as a team.

Active integration

Being inclusive requires dedication and effort, it isn’t something that one can simply do by halves. In all of our interactions we need to be actively and thoughtfully integrating RESPECT principles into our daily lives. Easy things that we can all do to create a diverse and inclusive community are:

  • Use your own pronouns in any written communication, this gives others the opportunity to share theirs as well.
  • Don’t make assumptions on other’s identity, if in doubt ask politely how they would like to be addressed
  • Be kind and open. Supporting people without bias or prejudice creates an environment where we can all feel comfortable to be who we want to be.

Don’t be afraid

There is no one act that will make an organization supportive, it is a journey of learning and exploration. We will make mistakes, this will happen to all people and organizations, but we can’t be afraid to change in our pursuit for a more supported community. Diversity when genuine and continued works and that’s a fact. Research has shown that where there is diversity there is growth and prosperity.