Tree Shepherd Statement Re Government Lifting of Restrictions

The  Governments proposals for the lifting of restrictions are happening from today, Monday 19th July. At Tree Shepherd, we have been monitoring the situation. Due to the increase of infections in our local areas of Lambeth and Southwark we will begin a gradual transition to our ‘new normal’, which we hope to have in place by September 2021. We are opening our buildings to drop ins and hot desking, however, we will continue to follow the guidance of hand, face, space.

This guidance applies to employee’s, licencee’s and members. We will begin a gradual transition to our ‘new normal’ over the summer, with a view to completing it by September, subject to ongoing Government guidance for businesses. There will be no change to our existing building set up or protocols. Social distancing and mask wearing will remain in place throughout our buildings in our shared communal spaces and workspaces.

We understand that this may be disappointing for some of you, however, we believe that by having a gradual ‘opening up’ this will enable us to continue to keep us as safe as we possibly can and reduce the risk of an outbreak of Covid in our spaces and in turn keep our spaces up and running.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and, as and when infections begin to fall locally we will review our Covid policy.