Uncle and Niece Hot Pepper Sauce

At Uncle & Niece we are passionate about developing delicious,
sauces and marinades.
The core ingredient of our products is Scotch Bonnet peppers. We are inspired
to create sauces and marinades that celebrate a cosmopolitan food culture and
we promise to always make our products locally.

It began with…
My passion to create great tasting food began over 3 decades  ago in my family kitchen. My love for developing fine food  was later developed during a career as a chef and cooking with family members, hence Uncle and Niece.
Moving forward, British cooking and British food has radically changed over the years, by incorporating international flavours to offer something different to the discerning customer.  It’s our intention to continue contributing to the British food fusion by offering you new flavours.
The stimulus to create sauces and marinades is informed by my classical food training and good home cooking.
Our intention is to create and develop a family of chilli sauces that is not solely about heat, but rather considers the customer’s eating experience.
The first artisan sauce created by Uncle and Niece is Honey & Chilli sauce.

Today, we are proud to offer an amazing range of sauces and marinades:

Original Uncle and Niece: Honey & Chilli sauce.
A flavoursome sauce that can be served with hot and cold food.

Chilli and garlic sauce: An alternative to the original chilli and honey sauce. Great in stir-fries

Jerk marinade: This version of the classic Jamaican marinade is a summer favourite, ideal to enhance your BBQ chicken, pork and or fish.

Spicy tomato sauce: A welcome spicy twist on the classic ketchup.

We hope you enjoy our family of sauces as much as we enjoyed making them. Look out for new additions to the family.

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