UPCIRCLE is a design studio based in London that offers design consultancy services on digital, graphic, furniture and interior design. The studio was formed by three partners with the same passion for innovative, inspiring and sophisticated design and thanks to their multidisciplinary, highly qualified and experienced team, The studio takes care of projects from the beginning to completion with one key word: Sustainability.

Bibiana, Mercedes and Ophelia believe that a design project has the responsibility to respect the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability and take special concern in the choice of suppliers, manufacturers, makers and partners. The studio takes its inspiration from the Slow Design Movement, Upcycling and Circular Economy. They prioritise the value of the maker’s hand and celebrate the idiosyncrasies of things imperfect and ageing, raised by our action to tailored, meaningful and innovative concepts.

UPCIRCLE believes in the quality of design and service to draw your project in the shape of a valuable and positive impact towards the society. 


Thank you.

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