Urbundant Caribbean Chutneys

Urbundant is a handmade range of small batch Caribbean inspired chilli jams, chutneys and relishes.

“I’m Karen, and I grew up spending many a Saturday traversing South London’s urban markets with my mum, looking for the food ‘from back home’. I adore baking, and cooking food of any type; naturally having first watched mum, then later recreating and adapting others’ recipes. I am definitely at my most content when exploring, experiencing and preparing food with or for others.

My particular passion & palate is for that of the peppered, picked, pickled, potted and preserved kinds……gosh that’s a bit of a tongue-twister. So with that, I wanted to find a way of bringing the tastes and flavours I loved as a kid, and still do, conveniently to my table everyday….URBUNDANT was born.”

Karen Clarke blends exotics fruits, vegetables and spices to produce fine products that complement cheeses, meats, breads and crackers or are great to eat from the spoon on their own. As she works from her home kitchen in urban London, yet is using an abundance of delicious pineapples, chillis, papaya, plantain and coconuts, she has called her range URBUNDANT. Each jar is capped with a colourful African textile.

To contact Karen: 07941 274784  kahrenc@yahoo.com

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