Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose was founded by Miri Shalom in London, 2014. As a lover of boho style, her first collection “Marrakech” started with statement antique beads which were purchased whilst touring Morocco in 2014. This led her to begin the design process and opened up her creative abilities to produce beautiful pieces of unique jewellery.

Miri then came across gorgeous druzy crystals in an exhibition in 2015 and was instantly totally enamoured by their raw beauty and the fact that each crystal was unique in its shape and size.  This opened up a whole new world as she started learning about the meanings of all the different types of crystals, and their healing properties.

She felt like there was an energy in the universe calling her, and this was the perfect route to take her passion for jewellery making to a deeper and more spiritual level. Collections feature crystals, hand-crochet, tassles and intricate bead work.

Vintage Rose jewellery can be bought from Copop, Pop Brixton 49 Station Rd, Brixton SW9 8PG or via the website below.

If you would like a bespoke piece, please contact Miri and she will be happy to work to commission.

Contact Miri on 07956 580098 or

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