Why a market stall may be a great way to test your business idea

Once upon a time, marketplaces were at the heart of communities. Back then, the stalls would have mainly sold fruit and vegetables, pastries and pies, handmade bits and bobs, all sold by family businesses. Markets used to be the primary place to purchase your everyday needs, while also a central spot to gather, gossip and chat. As community building becomes more important than ever, markets have become staples within our cities and towns – 6 months ago, we were given funding from Southwark Council to host markets across the borough to help our entrepreneurs trade… our next one is coming up, will you be there?

The tradition of the physical marketplace has stood the test of time. Even in a competitive world of business filled with e-commerce and high street mega-chains, modern businesses still have the opportunity to thrive in unique, local and sustainable environments by hosting a stall. 

In fact, as a startup or small business, testing the waters by showcasing your product or service through a market stall may be the best place to start. 

Just one of the benefits of running a market stall are the low overheads. Most market venues charge rates per stall, per day, eliminating the costs of electricity, WiFi and even heating. Plus, a market will guarantee foot traffic, which gives you the perfect chance to test your product, get face to face feedback from the public as well as helping you assess your own business and interpersonal skills. 

The low-risk factor of trialling a stall is more than worthwhile, as no matter the outcome, it can allow you the freedom to develop and grow as an enterprise each time you host a stall. 

Whether it is simply a way to test your business plan and receive much needed feedback at the beginning of your journey as a company, or even as a long-term and consistent way of advertising and developing your brand’s image – at TreeShepherd, we always do our best to support entrepreneurs attempting to create and promote a unique product or service. This is why we highly encourage our clients to explore the idea of hosting a market stall during any stage of their business venture. 

Take it from us: we recently hosted market stalls of our own in collaboration with Thrive and British Land in Canada Water to offer support to the area’s local businesses and entrepreneurs. The partnership is a part of the Canada Water Masterplan, which aims to bring employment and career opportunities across a range of sectors and skill levels to the area. With a focus on supporting those from the local area to be able to access these opportunities, we will continue to work with Thrive to make sure this happens. 

If hosting a market stall for your business sounds like something of interest to you, but you don’t know quite where to begin, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team or one of our many great business mentors who work with TreeShepherd who can offer you and your enterprise the right support.