Women in business

women in business

The increase of women in the workforce has possibly been one of the most significant changes to the economy in the world over the last century, and in 2022 women in business are only continuing to thrive. In fact 32% of all UK businesses are currently owned by women, a dramatic change compared to when just 17% of founders were female in 2016.

At Thrive we are seeing and supporting more women than ever, statistics show there are now almost 1.5 million women self-employed, with more women currently self-employed in the UK than men. For so many reasons, this is a huge win for women globally. By breaking free of the old-fashioned and sexist stereotypes working women have for so long been shackled to, it seems the opportunities for women wanting to make it in the business world are endless.

However, research has found that women are less likely to believe they possess entrepreneurial skills: only 39% of women are confident in their capabilities to start a business compared to 55% of men. And unfortunately, this is based on a perception, rather than an actual gap in skill sets.

So, despite womens’ rights and equality having advanced quicker than ever in recent decades, there are still many hurdles that women must overcome in the path to entrepreneurship. At Tree Shepherd, we pride ourselves on helping women and men equally, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, to get that extra support they need, all while we work to dismantle the barriers they face in the first place. Having established ourselves as a charity 10 years ago to help people locally to establish their own enterprises, we stand by and encourage the strong female business owners in our communities.